What to Tell Your Limo Company


What to Tell Your Limo Company

Limo services in most metropolitan cities receive requests from a varied clientele. The request could be for a birthday party, a wedding, a bachelorette party, a wine tour, or just a day out in the city. To ensure that they serve all these requests to the best of their potential, they need a set of basic information. If you are looking for a limo service in a city like Baltimore, it is best to avoid any ambiguity and furnish information about your specific needs.

Why do you need the service?

Limo services in Baltimore need to be very clear about the occasion for which you are reserving the limo. This is a fundamental requirement because they have numerous packages for various durations, each of which commands a particular price. If you are unable to communicate your needs in specific terms, you could miss out on offers and special packages that the limo company might have. So be very precise in describing your purpose and have it recorded properly at the time of making the reservation.

When do you need the service?  

When planning to use a limo service in Baltimore, it is essential to invest considerable thought and deliberation about the date on which you require the limo service. This must be done before you approach the limo company for the reservation so that you are completely sure about the date and time and there is no need to waste time when you make the booking. It is also critical that you communicate the duration for which you need the service, allowing for a buffer in case of unforeseen delays.

How many people are there in your group? 

Limo services in Baltimore have developed a fleet of vehicles to suit every occasion and group size. Therefore, it is imperative that you share the details about the number of people who will board the limo. That will determine the kind of vehicle best suited for you. Once you share this information with the limo company, they will not only identify the type of vehicle but also offer a matching price package. If you are unsure about the number, you could end up overpaying, or worse, you might run short of space and it will be too late to amend the reservation.

What do you need on board?

Limo companies often have pre-designed limos to suit a particular occasion. A vehicle could have the interiors done up for a kid birthday party while another might be stocked up with amenities for a bachelorette party or for a Valentine’s date. So you must discuss at length about the specific amenities you need in terms of lighting, AV equipment, decorations, drinks and food.

It is very important to be honest upfront with your limo company. That will not only help you reserve the most suitable service for your purpose but also rule out misgivings about price and package for both you and the limo company. If everything is chalked out well in advance, you’ll be assured of a “perfect fit” limo for your requirement.

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