What it Costs to Rent a Limo


What it Costs to Rent a Limo

The cost of hiring a limo cannot be answered by giving one flat figure. That’s because the price of renting a limousine is dependent on many factors. The following are some of the factors that determine how much you will pay to hire a limo.

Time of the year or day of the week

Certain days of the week are busier than others for limo hire firms. This means that demand for the limos around this time is high. In such a case the price would usually go up and so you should expect to pay a little more.

Additionally, during certain times of the year demand for limos goes up. This includes the graduation season. During such times when the supply of limos is low and demand high, you should expect to pay more for a Limo Rental in Boston.

The type and size of the limousine

The kind of limousine you hire influences the cost. With this, you have the choice of classic-look limousines or the regular and average limousine or the most luxurious ones with all the features that cater to the high-end segment of the market. Other available choices include exotic limousines identified with such car brands as Bentley and Rolls Royce and also the Stretch Hummers and other Stretch Sports Utility Vehicles.

The size of a limo also determines the price in the end. The more the number of passengers it can ferry, the more expensive it becomes. Generally, the sizes start from the luxury sedans that have a passenger capacity of three. There are also the 6-passenger limos, 8-passenger limos, 10-passenger limos, 12-passenger limos, the 14 passenger limos and even 30-passenger limos.

With regards to the price of a Limo Rental in Boston, the kind of limousine you hire will have the most significant bearing on the final cost.


Another factor that determines the cost of renting a limo is the locality. In a big city with a vibrant nightlife, for instance, the cost of hiring a limo is usually high due to the high demand for the service. It is different in the suburbs where the demand is low.

Distance from garage to pick up area

With some limo hire firms, the rental clock is started the moment the limousine exits the garage. This means that the further the distance between where you will be picked up and the garage, the more you can expect to pay. The closer the distance between the garage and the pickup area, the less you can expect to pay.

Time and distance

Limo rental firms mainly charge either by the hour or a flat rate. In the case of an hourly rate, the number of hours the limousine will be hired for eventually determines the final cost. The more the hours spent, the higher the cost. In the case of a flat rate, what eventually determines how much you will pay is the destination.

There may also be additional charges that may be in the end, determine the total cost of a Limo Rental in Boston. These include parking charges and repair and cleaning fees. For a competitive limo, hiring rate give us a call today!

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