Top 3 Things Not To Do In a Limo


Top 3 Things Not To Do In a Limo

Though rarely spoken about, there are certain things that you simply cannot do while riding a rental limousine. When you were young, you probably had your friend’s parent pick you up in his or her car. In such a case, your mother probably told you to behave well while in the car. The same case applies when riding a hired limousine. The best Boston limo service companies offer various amenities as well as limo types to help you enjoy the very best of experience during the ride. However, there are specific things that the companies will not allow you to do while riding in their limousines. Discussed below are some of the things that you should not do when riding in a hired limousine.

  1. Going Against Company Regulations

To keep their clients safe while riding in their limousines, the well-renowned limo hire companies have preset guidelines and prohibitions that must be adhered to by all the passengers travelling in their limousines. Going against such regulations will, in most cases, result in penalties. Such regulations include:

  • You should not take alcoholic beverages during the ride unless you are of legal age.
  • You should not engage in actions like violence, fighting or damaging any of the equipment in the limousine during the ride.
  • You should not distract the driver’s attention while he or she is driving.
  • You should not bring more passengers than the carrying capacity of the limousine you have rented.

All the safety rules imposed by any limo hire company are there for a reason hence, must be adhered to.

  1. Breaking Government Laws

While riding in a limo, you should understand that the government regulations still apply. For instance, you should not use drugs while in the limo or stand through the sunroof while the limo is in motion. Such actions are against government laws and will definitely get you into trouble. Additionally, most limousines do not allow passengers to smoke in the car. If this is the case with the limousine you have hired, you should refrain from smoking while inside the limousine.

  1. Leaving Your Belongings In The Limo

If you have ever gone through the written contract of any limo rental company, you must be aware that these companies are not responsible for any item that has been left in the car by its clients while being transported. As such, you should be very careful to collect all your personal items when exiting the limousine. Although some drivers are known to return items that were left in their limousines to their rightful owners, you should not assume that this is obvious. If you forget something in the limo, you will have no one to complain to as the companies are normally very clear on this.

When caught doing any of these things, some companies stipulate that the driver should terminate the ride immediately, and no refund will be issued to the offending client. Other wrong doings, such as using drugs in a limousine, may land you into serious trouble with the law. According to the Nationwide limo service company, one of the best limo service providers in the country, you should refrain from such activities to have a safe, luxurious and enjoyable limousine ride.

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