Top 3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Driver

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Top 3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Driver

When you rent a Cincinnati limo today, choosing the right company is of the utmost importance. The company should have a good reputation, be experienced and have a large fleet to choose from. Many people, though, assume that their driver is going to just as experienced and trustworthy as the company. In most instances, this is true, but

  1. Is he/she going to be on time? Can you imagine being late for your own wedding because the driver was late or got lost? Unfortunately, it happens more than you might think. Make sure that the driver knows the route ahead of time, so there is no confusion. Ask the company if the driver is reliable. You don’t want a driver who doesn’t know the area you’re travelling in, or who is not professional enough to be on time. Also, ask the company if there is a policy concerning lateness: i.e. can you get a partial refund?
  2. Is he/she experienced with driving this specific limo? If your designated driver only has experience driving sedans, then the Hummer limo you’ve booked could pose a problem for him/her. Ask the company what experience the driver has with your particular limo. Further, ask about the driver’s safety record, what type of training they’ve undergone and how long they’ve been driving for the company. You want to get a feel of the extent of the driver’s experience. If they’ve only been driving limos for a week or two, you may want to think twice about using them.
  3. Why should I trust your driver? The company you’re interviewing must convince you that they will give you the best service and that their driver will help enhance your celebration or event. Ask if you can meet the driver before your big day. Does he seem friendly and courteous? Does he look fit and professional? If the driver doesn’t give off good vibes, or you think they aren’t right for you, say so right then and there. Either ask for another driver or interview another company. Your driver is hired to ensure that you get to and from your event safely.

Whether you are going to a concert, celebrating a birthday or celebrating a wedding, your driver is going to be an integral part of your day. The company must employee drivers who are professional, courteous, experienced and skilled at driving the type of limo you’ve chosen. Anyone can drive a sedan, but it takes a different set of skills to drive a stretch limo or a Hummer.

A reputable company hires reputable drivers and gives them regular trainings so that they can safely get their passengers around with style and ease. Not only must they have driving skills, but they must also possess people skills as well. A driver who is rude, obnoxious or distant can make the difference between a memorable evening and an evening you want to forget. Everything about your special day is likely planned to the last detail, and your Cincinnati limo is no different.

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