Tips for Choosing the Right Limo for Your Needs


Tips for Choosing the Right Limo for Your Needs

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a trip to the airport, hiring the right limo is essential to ensure your comfort and safety. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at a Cincinnati limo company, or one in Miami, your needs are paramount to a successful celebration or event. Here are a few things to consider before choosing the right limo for your needs:

  • Group size: Limos come in several different capacity styles. A sedan, for example, can handle up to 3 passengers while a Hummer can hold more than 20. Keep comfort in mind before choosing your limo. If there are five people in your party, you may want a limo with a capacity for 6 or 8 people for extra comfort; especially if you have luggage or personal items that you are bringing with you.
  • Budget: Of course, your budget is going to dictate which type of limo you choose. A Rolls Royce limo, for example, may be out of the question. However, a stretch limo might be able to fit your needs nicely. Depending on the occasion or event, you can ask everyone in your group to pitch in, to cut down on costs. Also make sure you ask the Cincinnati limo company (or any other city you’re looking in) if they charge extra fees, for things like lateness, fuel surcharges, extra miles, etc. Have everything in writing before your event; then you won’t have any unpleasant surprise costs at the end of the evening.
  • The length of time in limo/distance: If you’re going to travel in a limo for a long distance, or for several hours, you want to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. This relates to the first point on group size; you don’t want several people crammed into a limo for several hours. Get a limo that has extra capacity, so you can all have your personal space and be comfortable throughout the ride. You don’t want to feel like you’re taking public transportation!
  • Personal preferences: White or black? Stretch or Hummer? Choosing the right limo has a lot to do with your personal preferences. When you’re interviewing companies, visit them and have a look at their fleet. Choose a limo that appeals to you (and is within your budget).
  • Amenities: Most limos have an array of amenities; the bigger your budget, the more amenities you’ll have access to. Stretch limos have a full bar and might come with snacks as well. Hummers typically have built-in bars, TV’s, DVD and CD players, and even laser light shows. If these things are important to you, then choose a higher end limo so you can have access to everything these limos have to offer.

A Cincinnati limo company can give you access to all of your needs and wants when it comes to choosing a limo. These aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore; anyone can enjoy the luxury of riding in a sleek and elegant vehicle. Isn’t it nice to know that you don’t have to have an endless budget to enjoy some simple luxuries in life?

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