The History of Different Types of Limos


The History of Different Types of Limos

The limousine, also commonly called a limo, is the name given to a type of luxury sedan or sometimes also use to refer to a saloon car that is designed and used as transportation for small groups of people or for individuals. They are most often driven by a chauffeur and the setup of the vehicle is such that there is a clear glass or plastic partition that separates the passenger and the driver for added privacy. Limousines sometimes will have a longer and extended wheelbase hence the name stretch limos. The first limos were designed as an enclosed automobile that had a separate open driver’s seat. Boston limos today have come a long way and have become a big part of culture and society today!

Today most Boston limos are the stretch limos seen in movies and are typically either white or black in color. Though most are still sedan based bodies there are other types of limos available such as hummer and truck limos. Limousines typically are liveried vehicles that are operated by professional drivers known as chauffeurs. Because they are the most expensive type of private transportation available on the streets, limousines have come to be associated with wealth and are seen as a symbol of social status or power. Among the less well-off and the people who are not famous or wealthy, limousines are generally used during special events like weddings, anniversaries, proms, and bachelor parties among other big life events.

While some limousines are privately owned by individuals, most are owned and operated by businesses, transportation companies, and government divisions. Most stretch limousines are used as transportation for residents and visitors in the Boston area and operate as direct competition for taxi services in the area. Most of the companies that build and sell stretch limousines to individuals and transportation businesses typically will purchase stock cars at a discounted rate and then further modify them to be limos and stretch limos. Most limos are made and sold and also operated in the United States and Europe; the largest percentage of limos produced are sold to limousine companies. Most stretch limousines are out of the price range for private individuals and most are not sold new but rather bought as used vehicles for use by private individuals.

There are many different amenities and luxuries that can be added to Boston limos to make them desirable. Common features include a mini bar, heated seats, TV and radio, special lighting, and more. Special security features can also be added to a limo, and some of the most common ones are special armoring and plateing to the outside of the limo, special locks and safety features inside the vehicle, and bulletproof glass is also able to be added to most limousines.

Between 2012 and 2013, it was estimated that the limousine market was valued at more than $4 billion for the whole of the United States. There were also an estimated 4,000 limousine companies in the US and together they employed around 42,000 employees. It is easy to see why limousine services, like those offered by Boston limo companies, are so popular and why it is such a thriving market within the transpiration industry.

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