Organizing Your Limo Event


Organizing Your Limo Event

Getting a limo for your special event, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, prom, or some other occasion that calls for going above and beyond normal flare, it can help make the event truly one to remember! Here are some things to remember as you look around for your Baltimore limo:

  1. A limo is a great holiday gift

Many people use a limo ride around town or as transportation to an all day spa retreat or a day of shopping and dining and clubbing as a wonderful Christmas gift. It may cost a bit but when you use it as a group gift for the entire family the cost can often work out to be far less than the cost of buying a nice gift for each individual person on your list.

  1. Travel on a weekday

For limo companies, the weekend is their busiest time- it will be harder to get a limo that is available and it will likely cost a lot more too; you may also find limits on how long you can have the limo rented for due to other engagements. Try to schedule your limo ride for during the week and at no peek times to save money and make it easier on yourself as far as scheduling goes.

  1. Travel in fives

Most limo services are going to have a rate that they charge and that is by car, it usually is not by person. Most limos are 5-6 seater so travel in groups of five and make sure you fill the car. Larger limos accommodate more people so whatever size you rent make sure you are filling it so you can get your money’s worth. Most Baltimore limo companies offer a variety of limo sizes.

  1. The price may not be the price

The limo services you have to choose from are going to give you a price when you call and ask for a quote. They will estimate how many miles they will be driving and the time they will spend waiting in the limo while you are at your stops throughout your planned excursion. This is generally the price they will quote you but there will be more fees and expenses. There are expenses like tolls, parking garage fees, driver gratuities and other add-ons you will need to ask about before you are sure you have the actual price you need to consider.

  1. Negotiate more than price

If you do a lot of searching online for Baltimore limo companies in your area, you’ll see something interesting. Most limo companies have the same basic rates and fees that they charge for a carload per hour. However, there is so much more to negotiate and decide on than just the hourly rate. Limos will offer things like refreshments, drinks, games, and other amenities for additional fees and that is where the prices go all over the spectrum; so make sure you get only what you need for your limo services and it will help keep the price in-line with your budget.

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