How Much Should You Tip the Limo Driver?


How Much Should You Tip the Limo Driver?

Most people don’t think twice about tipping their waitress, their bell boy, or even their hairstylist; but when it comes to limo drivers, some people aren’t sure about how much to tip, or even if they need to. The answer to the latter question is yes, absolutely. Unless your limo was in complete disrepair, you ran out of gas, or the driver drove erratically, giving a tip is the norm for limo drivers.

So, if you’re considering a limo rental in Dallas (or any other city), you can expect to tip your driver based on the following conditions:

  • Did he provide courteous and friendly service? Was he friendly and courteous to you and everyone in your group? He doesn’t have to act like your best friend, but he should be approachable and friendly.
  • Was he on time? Were you left waiting for the driver to arrive at the pre-determined time, or was he there on time, if not a bit early? Your driver should always be aware of the times you need to be picked up/dropped off, so he should plan his route accordingly.
  • Was the limo in good working order with all amenities? Was the limo clean and in good working order? Was there any evidence of previous passengers? Did all the included amenities work (TV, CD players, etc.)? Did the limo look like new inside and out?
  • Did the driver operate the vehicle in a safe manner? Was the driver careening around curves, not obeying the speed limit or operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner? You should feel safe and protected inside the limo, not as if you’re going to be chucked out at any moment.
  • Were all services provided that were previously agreed to? Some companies offer special packages for certain events, such as weddings. You will receive flowers, ‘just married’ signs, balloons, and perhaps even a bottle of champagne. Make sure you know what is included. If it’s written in your contract, you should expect those special amenities.
  • Was the limo ride everything you wanted and more? Was your special day made even better because of the limo rental in Dallas experience? Do you have special memories of your day, before, during and after your event? Do you want to rent a limo again every time you’re celebrating something special? That’s how you should feel. A limo is a great addition to any celebration and should create lasting memories that you can tell your grandkids about.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then be prepared to tip your driver at the end of the day. Typically, the tip is between 15 – 20 percent of the total fare.

So, should you tip if you feel you received bad service? Well, that’s up to you. If you feel that you didn’t get what you paid for or that the driver was rude, unprofessional or late, then etiquette says you don’t have to tip them; or you can tip them less than the usual 15 – 20 percent. There are no rules written in stone as to how much or when to tip; it’s completely up to your discretion, based on the service you feel you received.

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