A Brief History of the Limo


A Brief History of the Limo

Who doesn’t adore riding in a limo? These fantastic vehicles have been around for centuries in one form or another, with their natural lineage being traced back to the horse-drawn carriages of the 1700s. This informative article takes a trip through the history of these special automobiles.
Everything started with the introduction of horse-drawn carriages. They were once the province of the strong while now we see these as novelties or outmoded systems of transport used exclusively by those societies that shun electricity and contemporary conveniences. Gilded in gold, with only the best stallions pulling the weight, it is easy to make the argument that these were the first true form of the vehicle.
Early 1900s
The first variant of today’s modern limousine came in the early 1900s. These were cars that carried their VIP passengers in different covered compartments in the rear. Remember that in those days, few, if any vehicles came with a roof. It was these covered compartments that actually gave birth to their name. They resembled the cloaked hoods of those who lived in the French commune city of Limoges.

From there, it has been just a small issue of change to bring us to the first “stretch”. These lengthened automobiles were initially developed in the roaring 20s to supply an effective and safe system of transfer for big band leaders and their instruments. Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller were among the celebrated first passengers in these expensive cars.

In a limousine that is typical, there’s a barrier separating the driver from the back compartment. This divider frequently slides up and down or side to side so that the passengers can talk to the motorist. Occasionally there is also an intercom system between both compartments. It is intriguing to notice that the early stage coaches additionally had a roof hatch to allow passengers to talk to the motorist.
A limo rental Atlanta service can contain standard limousines that take five to twelve individuals or larger limos that can take even more. There are a few strange kinds of limousines, including the exotic ones like BMW or the Bentley or Jaguar along with the unusual ones, such as the Hummer and the Escalades. No matter the kind of limousine that you simply decide to rent, it’s always fun to really have a driver to take you about. The VW Beetle was stretched into a limo!
Limo rental Atlanta service can be reserved to take you home from a night on the town. It’s possible for you to use one to proceed to the airport, to save you the parking fees for your car. It’s possible for you to get your friends together and have a wonderful night of drinking and not worry a bit about driving while intoxicated. You can use a limo for absolutely any special event, like a prom or a wedding or anniversary. With so many interesting things to do, it is not difficult to see why limousines are so popular!
Hire a limo service and live like a king or queen. Choose an elite limo rental Atlanta service and start living like a celebrity.

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