6 Keys to an Amazing Wedding Dinner Reception

6 Keys to an Amazing Wedding Dinner Reception

6 Keys to an Amazing Wedding Dinner Reception

The dinner reception is a crucial part of the wedding, much like a Motor Coach Rental for guests.

It’s a major opportunity for your friends and family to sit down, get comfortable, and socialize. If you agree, we have some great tips to help your family connect with one another and have a great dinner together.

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It’s all about the lighting. Lighting is key to setting the mood. What atmosphere do you want to promote? Cool light spectrums can help people focus, while warm can help your guests relax. Just make sure you have proper lighting for everyone to see each other, and their food.


Zone in on your centerpieces. Avoid big and bushy centerpieces that block eye contact between seated guests. Candles are often used to create serenity.


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Do you have a one of a kind style, like our Coach Bus Rental? Then the dinner reception is the time to show you. You can customize the atmosphere to reflect your personal style. From elaborately designed fine china, to napkins printed with your wedding monologue.


A key to a great dinner are the extras, fresh fruits and cheeses are additions that your guest’s taste buds will appreciate.

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Customized Tour Buses for Rent are great, If you will be moving to a new venue for your dinner reception, consider grabbing a Charter Bus Rental for guests, that way everyone will arrive at once and can enjoy dinner together.


Many couples have created relationship timeline table runners, to give in-laws a sense of who they are marrying. It can feature pictures and blurbs about how you two first met, or your favorite hobbies. Call us now –  (800) 558-2515

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