4 Tips for A Great Girls Night Out in Atlanta

4 Tips for A Great Girls Night Out in Atlanta

4 Tips for A Great Girls Night Out in Atlanta

So you are planning a girl’s night out in Atlanta with your girls and you want it to be unique and different form you other girls’ nights that you have done in the past.

There is just something special about girls nights, theirs laughter, some emotional stuff and heart to heart chat and some craziness all rolled into one. So here are the 5 tips that will come in handy in planning your girls’ night out:

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  1. Hire a party bus rental or limo in Atlanta

Why bother cramming together in one car or carpooling in 2 or 3 cars when you can hire a comfortable and luxurious Limousine Service Atlanta. The best part about getting a party bus rental or limo for you and your friends is that you can sing and dance in it, have snacks and drinks. Basically it’s a pre- club party and even though there are many clubs in Atlanta but this one will be like a mini or private version of your own club.


  1. No boys allowed!

Since it’s a girls night out it’s an absolute rule that it’s just you girls in the Party Bus Rental Atlanta or limo service that you’ve hired in Atlanta. No boyfriends, fiancés, brother or crush should be in your get together. Many girls make an exception for 1 or 2 boys in their all female party which defeats the purpose of it.

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  1. Have a theme

Having a cool theme to your girls get together is an absolutely fun way to make memories. For e.g. a 70s themed girls night out would be a fun. You can play the hits from the 70s in your party bus rental or limo service that will be cruising along the streets of Atlanta.


  1. Glam up to the max

Dress your best and wear the brightest shade of lipstick and eye-shadow there is. Wear your shiniest tops and style your hair like a rock star.

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