3 Tips for Proper Etiquette When Using a Limo


3 Tips for Proper Etiquette When Using a Limo

Limos are about style and luxury. They are a unique mode of road transport that can make any occasion feel special. Limos may be used for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, proms and dates. It is for this reasons that more people today are hiring Boston limo services, either for business or personal needs. Whenever you want to arrive in style, hiring a limousine is the surest way to go. In this regard, is highly advisable that you hire a limo from the reputable limo service providers in the city. Working with a reputable company ensures that you receive nothing short of the best services. However, you still have to play your part to ensure that you have a wonderful experience while having a ride in a limo. In this regard, you should exercise proper etiquette as explained below.

Seating Capacity

Every limo size has a stipulated seating capacity. It is important that you respect the passenger limit while hiring a limousine. If more passengers are going to accompany you, you should consider hiring a larger limo instead of carrying more passengers than the stipulated capacity. This will not only boost the safety of the passengers while in the limo but will also improve comfort within the limousine. Again, there are laws that govern limousine services. Some of these rules touch on the capacities of the various limousines. To ensure that you are compliant with the law, you should respect the maximum passenger capacity. In this regard, you should not argue with the chauffeur about the seating capacity.

Be Respectful

Another point you should keep in mind while riding in a limo is to treat the driver and the vehicle with respect. You need to understand that the vehicle you are travelling in is very expensive to acquire and maintain. As such, the vehicle and amenities in it must be handled properly. It would be helpful to think of the car as though it were your own. This way, you will preserve it and enjoy your ride. Since the chauffeur is working hard to ensure that you have a luxurious and stylish ride, you should accord him or her some respect. This way the driver will be motivated to serve you in a better way.

Tipping the Chauffer

When it comes to the limo drivers, you should try and appreciate good service. If the chauffeur has been good enough and has made your ride a luxurious and memorable one, you should show your gratitude by tipping him or her. This is not to say that some may offer poor services. Limo drivers are known to be very friendly and respectful, provided that you treat them with respect and adhere to the regulations imposed by the limo company. In this regard, you should consider tipping the driver a customary tip of between 15 and 20 percent at the end of the trip.

For a pleasant and satisfactory limo ride, you need to adhere to the limo mentioned above etiquette tips. However, the company you choose to hire from can determine the quality of services you get. As such, it is always safer to hire from the leading providers in the industry, such as Nationwide limo.

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