3 Most Popular Limousine Styles


3 Most Popular Limousine Styles

When considering your selection for a Baltimore limo to use at your big event, there are a number of different types to choose from depending on what your wants, needs, and budget limits are like. Models used in limousines can range from the Hummer or Escalade to Lincoln or Rolls Royce. When you are busy considering which model of limousine you want to rent, it is important to carefully consider your needs in terms of who will be riding and where you will be going. Large party groups and club hopping parties often prefer Hummers and SUV limos because of their roominess. For an elegant dinner or romantic date night, a Lincoln or Sedan-style may be more appropriate. Typical colors for Baltimore limos are white, black, silver, and tan but brighter and flashier colors are popping up in party hot spots and unique vehicle style limos are showing up now and then as well. However, there are three basic styles that remain the most popular for limo services- SUV, Lincoln, and Hummer.

SUV Limousines

SUV is a popular body type for modern limos because they are a great choice for many different events, needs, and people. The SUV limo is great for family events because there is ample room for kids, bags, strollers, and other baggage that might not fit in other limos. Features usually include wireless, TV, radio, GPS, heat and air, lights, and many other features that make the SUV limo a great choice for large groups of party goers. Compared to the other Baltimore limo options, this one is fairly low-key and provides a great alternative for stretching limos and town cars, which is perfect for businessmen and conference goers.

Lincoln Limousines

The model known as Lincoln has long been seen as a luxury vehicle and has been a symbol of wealth and affluence. It makes a great limo and lends itself well to the class and elegance of the limousine name. Luxury limos are often Lincoln models and they come with many great amenities and features that make them perfect for small group and couples transportation. These limos are a great choice for anyone who is looking for something bigger and fancier than a standard car but that is not so over the top like the Hummer limo. It is a great all-purpose limousine choice that is still one of the most popular ones in the world.

Hummer Limousines

Hummer limos are among the most modern of the limo designs and is one of the newest ones on the market; they are great for large group transportation during special events such as prom reunions, and family events. Definitely not people who don’t want to be noticed, these limos are classy and elegant. It is the largest of the limos out there and has space that is truly amazing when seated inside. These limos are so big many have options for separate and private seating area within the limo that has its own tv and amenities for an extra special place for people to enjoy in private.

Limousines are still a popular choice for a night of club hopping, a big wedding ceremony, or a special event or gathering, and there are many great options to choose from, whether it is the SUV, Lincoln, or Hummer limo style! Find the Baltimore limo service that is right for you today!

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