3 Ideas to Make the Trip from the Vows to the Limo Phoenix More Memorable

3 Ideas to Make the Trip from the Vows to the Limo More Memorable

3 Ideas to Make the Trip from the Vows to the Limo Phoenix More Memorable

Every part of your wedding day is going to be memorable, but if you want some ideas that can make it even more memorable,

either for your own wedding or somebody you care about, below are three ideas to consider. One of them includes a Philadelphia Limousine Service, Arizona wedding.

Limo Rental Phoenix

Idea #1: Rely on a great Phoenix airport limo service.

If the newlyweds will be heading to their honeymoon right away, you can send them to the airport in style. They won’t have to worry about driving themselves, dealing with traffic, finding parking, or dragging their luggage to the parking area, across the causeway, and to the terminal.

They can simply relax and enjoy the privacy and comfort of their Hummer or other limo and celebrate their nuptials the way they want.

Limo Phoenix

Idea #2: Whipped cream.

The traditional thing was to toss uncooked rice, but there has been a significant push to stop doing that because birds eat the uncooked rice and then can become extremely ill and die as a result. So, instead of that, whipped cream might be a fun way to get the bride and groom from their ceremony to their getaway vehicle.

Just think of what they could do covered in whipped cream later on.

Idea #3: Water guns.

If it’s really hot, which it usually is in Phoenix, consider having all of the wedding guests armed with water guns. They can line up outside the church or other venue, waiting for the newlyweds to come out and go to their getaway car, but they have to get through a barrage of water guns first.

There are plenty of ways to make any wedding even more memorable than it already will be. When you consider a Limousine Service Phoenix for the bride and groom after the ceremony or the reception, when they’re heading to their honeymoon, it can make it that much more memorable and enjoyable. Call us today at (800) 558-2515

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